Pig & Hen - Handmade bracelets for real men!

We are happy to announce the new cooperation with Pig & Hen, Amsterdam based men's bracelet brand. With our combined effort new Spring-Summer 2016 lookbooks will soon see the world. 

Pig & Hen reflects the great story of ancient times and offers beautifully handmade rope bracelets for men. According to the legend, back in 1600 Dutch sailers, to protect themselves against bad luck, had a tattoo of a pig and a hen on their feet. It is believed that this tattoo gave them the strength to survive after a shipwreck. 

Inspired by this story Rutger Versluis and Dominic Bakker founded Pig & Hen. By using authentic ship rope materials for the bracelets, they carry on the Dutch legacy over the years. The bracelets are made of the sturdiest thread and have a breaking strength of 3,400 kg! All pieces are produced in the Netherlands. The Pig & Hen collection includes nine different designs in multiple colours and gives every men outfit slightly tough but cool look!

Pig & Hen will save your life, even in a tight situation. Check the new collection here. 

We are extremely excited to be working with this brand!