Meet Our New Client - Manitou!

We all know that very often great ideas come with just a glass of wine! That's exactly how Manitou came into life! One sunny afternoon two friends, Louise Stutterheim and Caroline Sliedrecht, were enjoying a glass of wine on a restaurant's terrace in Amsterdam. During casual girls talk they touched the topic of menstyle, men's socks to be precise! It is such a basic thing of every outfit but it can make a world of a difference! The problem is that very often men are just too lazy and go for comfort over style! It was time to change that! That's how the girls decided to create their own socks brand! In 2015 they launched the revolution - Manitou, stylish socks for real men! They introduced a completely new concept. Now a pack of 5 pair of socks is available on a subscription basis! You can subscribe for a "Lord Package" or "Casual Sir Package' that will be delivered on your doorstep every 3 or 6 months for free! Sounds interesting? Then learn more details on the official website of Manitou.

To help this newborn brand grow, Colourcake will support with online marketing activities, namely planning and executing Facebook and Google Adwords campaigns, as well as tracking and monitoring their performance.