Webshop development 

Maintaining a responsive, secure and well-structured online store can be a challenging task unless you are an expert. At Colourcake we have highly-experienced professionals that know ins and outs of professional webshop development.


We design, build and optimise your online platform to make sure it delivers top performance. Our aim is to create superior user experience in multi-browser and multi-device environment and to ensure SEO friendliness of your online shop.


As webshop development is more than just a matter of design, Colourcake also provides e-commerce consultancy and webshop maintenance services. We assist you in terms of structure, functionality, conversion tracking and SEO optimization that are essential for running a successful online shop.


Our experts possess outstanding HTML and CSS skills, hands-on experience in JavaScript development and years of expertise with Magento System. They engage in understanding your individual requirements and studying potential gaps in order to propose the most appropriate practices and solutions to help your business increase conversion rates and grow sales!


Sounds like a type of service right for your business? Then get in contact with us.